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I’ve been on the hunt through every antique store in sight. I’ve dug through photos, I’ve bought old pictures, jewels, patterns, and magazines. These are just a few pictures of some of the awesome magazines and photos I’ve been able to get my hands on.

The photo below is from a savings bond ad in the Saturday morning post in the mid 1930’s. I love the flowing dress on this lady liberty. The style is evocative of ¬†Grecian times, but it has the modern elements of the art deco style as well.

photoThe photo below is from Christmas in 1933 in a magazine from Good Stories. The details of the robe the woman is wearing can tell you what time period it is from. The details include a dropped waist, bell sleeves, and wrap style tie on the robe.

photoThe picture below is one of my favorite finds. It was also only two dollars, so I just had to pick it up! I love that the details of this early 1930’s outfit are a nod to Paul Poiret and his love of the ballet russe. The colors are vibrant and still beautiful despite being faded and old and the gemstone designs are clearly an art deco style.



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