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lifeThis is one of the most well known covers in the history of Life magazine. This cover was released on February 18, 1926. The flapper in the picture shows off the dress, accessories, and hair style that was popular of the times. The motions in the cartoon show off dancing that was popular in the time called the Charleston.

VogueThis Vogue magazine cover was out in 1927. The cloche hat that is tight fitting to the head and the fur around the collar and cuffs were also a popular style of the times. Picture via tinypic.com

BridesThe picture above is the first ever magazine cover for Brides. It was released in 1934 and was titled “So you’re going to be Married.” It was the first ever magazine for brides of the time. This picture is from Brides.com. The first magazine sold for 50 cents and was released in the fall.


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Here are some examples of various Vogue, Butterick, and magazine ads for clothing of the art deco era in the 1920’s and 30’s. You can see that these clothes are from the art deco because of the artistic structure of them. You can see that all of the lines and seams on the clothing are reminiscent of the architecture, cars, radios, and designs of the time. The design of the art deco lifestyle came together to form in the clothing as well as the life that people lead. The designs of appliances and buildings and very similar in line and composition as the clothing.

dressdress patternsdressdresses

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Movies and costume designs were an important element in the late period of art deco. After the stock market crash of 1929, people looked to the glamour of the silver screen for hope and an escape from reality. Some of these stars such as Greta Garbo and Mary Pickford were important figures of these times. The picture below is of Mary Pickford with her Oscar. She was one of the first women to win an Oscar for best actress. Below those pictures are some photos of Greta Garbo starring in Matahari. Gilbert Adrian was the designer for many of the pictures, but he is also very well known for the head dresses and extravagant bead work that was featured in Matahari. There is also a poster of the movie ad shown below.

20208241You can see in the above picture, the dropped waist, the scalloped lines of the seams, and the intricate beadwork.

garboOnce again, you can see details of the cloche like hat, but all of the beadwork is very inspired by India and foreign designs.


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