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When I think of art deco art, two well known artists come to mind. Tamara de Lempicka was a well known artist of the time. Below is a portrait of her as well as some of her well known paintings. Her birth name was actually Maria Gorska, and she was born in Warsaw, Poland. She is well known for working in the medium of oils on canvas. Her artwork is still recognizable today and continues to inspire many designers.

Tamara de LempickaBelow is a painting titled: Portrait de Madame Alan Bott

de-lempickaThis portrait of the woman in a green dress is one of her most well known works of art.


lempickaThe portrait below is titled: Le Chemise Rose. Although Lempicka was Polish, her career really took place in Paris and her first show was launched in Milan.

lempickaAnother extremely well known artist of the times was Russian born Romain de Tirtoff who was known as Erte. His career was really launched by all of the ads he had done and the pictures he created for fashions and Harper’s Bazaar. Below is a modern paper doll book that is available with his fashions as well as a painting of his.

erteErte worked alongside designer Paul Poiret who took much of his inspiration from Oriental and Russian design. He learned couture designs and illustrations from his time there. Again, below you can see the symmetry and the geometrics used in this painting.



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