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lifeThis is one of the most well known covers in the history of Life magazine. This cover was released on February 18, 1926. The flapper in the picture shows off the dress, accessories, and hair style that was popular of the times. The motions in the cartoon show off dancing that was popular in the time called the Charleston.

VogueThis Vogue magazine cover was out in 1927. The cloche hat that is tight fitting to the head and the fur around the collar and cuffs were also a popular style of the times. Picture via tinypic.com

BridesThe picture above is the first ever magazine cover for Brides. It was released in 1934 and was titled “So you’re going to be Married.” It was the first ever magazine for brides of the time. This picture is from Brides.com. The first magazine sold for 50 cents and was released in the fall.


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These ads below were taken from AdAccess.com. These ads feature pictures of brides at the time in ads for beauty products, hygiene, and soap.

AdAdAdAdAs you can see in these advertisements, all of the brides have a very similar look. One of the most evident similarities is the use of lace and mesh in the veil. The veil is very indicative of the art deco era due to the close fit to the brides head. Cloche hats were very popular at the time, so it make sense that the veils worn would be similar to these fashions.


The ads below were put out on the late twenties and were used to advertise selling radios. These radios are reminiscent of the styles of the art deco era. You can see similarities in buildings and in lines that are used in the design of the radios as well. The symmetry and the arches are all influences taken from art deco.


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