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These photos for car advertisements are from this website for Chrysler. You can see in the background of these advertisements, some art deco design influences. In the back of one of the ads, you can even see some of the arches of the roman aqueducts. These arches and fluidity in design can be seen in the architecture and the structure of the clothing of the twenties and thirties in this era. These Chrysler ads were from 1928,1929, and 1930.

chrysler_adsYou can even see the art deco style in the shape of the headlights and the grill on this automobile.



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The Air Force Academy’s chapel was designed with the inspiration of art deco style in mind. Although the chapel was completed in the sixties, it contains many of the similar design elements as other art deco buildings before its time. The seventeen spires on the chapel are created out of steel and aluminum parts that contain geometric shapes.

chapelchapelchapelThese photos are the compliments of: http://www.american-architecture.info

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These great Art Deco styled rings are authentic and vintage. See more just like them at Fay Cullen.

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